Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory

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Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II

Work on the 2nd Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas continues. To find out more information about the atlas log on to the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology site. Your help is crucial.

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Our Mission

To advance the conservation of birds and bats in Wisconsin and throughout the Western Great Lakes Region through coordinated research, monitoring, and education.


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Today more than ever, we are certain of two things:
1. That people like you can make a real, beneficial difference to the birds and bats of Wisconsin and the Western Great Lakes Region 

2. That one of the best ways to do this is by supporting the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory
We had an exceptionally productive year in 2018, our first as an independent non-profit organization. Read our annual report.

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The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory likes to think of our friends and supporters as “investors” in conservation science, and we are enormously grateful for the support they have shown for WGLBBO’s work over the past 14 months. MEET OUR DONORS.


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