Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Julia has been the Assistant Natural Areas Coordinator for the Milwaukee County Parks Natural Areas Program since 2013. Her previous roles were with the Parks Department as a Wildlife Monitoring Technician (2011-13) and with the Urban Ecology Center as a Wildlife Technician (2011-13). She currently assists with the direct oversight of the 10,000-acre Natural Areas Program and has been the lead on a variety of projects, including county-wide baseline wildlife assessments (birds, herptiles, invertebrates, mammals), ephemeral wetland monitoring, citizen-based monitoring programs, and development of ecological restoration and management plans, as well as community education and outreach with the program’s 70+ partner organizations.

Julia has also served on several other conservation-based boards and advisory committees, including the Timber Wolf Information Network (2014-present), the Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium (2012-16), Wisconsin Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (2013-14), the Professional Advisory Committee for the Urban Ecology Center’s Research and Citizen-science program (2015-present), and the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (alternate, 2013-present).

She received a BS in Biological Sciences and in Conservation and Environmental Sciences from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2012. Julia is an avid birdwatcher and enjoys discovering the hidden gems of birding spots in Milwaukee County’s urban natural areas. She will never forget the day she saw her first male Scarlet Tanager -- it perched on a branch above her while she was pulling garlic mustard at Jacobus Park in Wauwatosa!