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Bill Mueller - Director

Bill Mueller is Director of the Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory. Bill was Conservation Chair of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology from early 2002 through fall of 2012. He is actively involved with a number of ornithological groups around the state including the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (WBCI), where he is co-chair of WBCI's Issues Committee and a current member of WBCI's Steering Committee. Bill is Project Coordinator for the Milwaukee BIOME Project, a group of twelve scientists and over 150 volunteers, operating in partnership with faculty and staff from Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center, the Wisconsin DNR, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Hawai'i, working on migratory stopover ecology of birds in an urban area. Bill completed his master's degree at UW-Milwaukee. He did his graduate research on the biogeography and recent decline of the Red-headed Woodpecker.

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