Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Director Updates

Director's Report – August 2016

William P. Mueller


Dr. Amber Roth of Michigan Technological University has been Coordinator of the Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network (MLMMN) since 2014, in partnership with WGLBBO. Dr. Roth shepherded the development of the Network's Strategic Plan (see http://birdbatclone.ecowebdesign.accountant/what-we-do/midwest-landbird-migration-monitoring-network), which was completed and published in February of 2015. Dr. Roth and WGLBBO Director Bill Mueller, Chief Scientist Bryan Lenz, and Katie Koch of the USFWS – of the MLMMN, are hosting one of the three workshop tracks in the State of Stopover Symposium to be held in Milwaukee from October 5-7. More information can be found at: https://stopover2016.wordpress.com/

Waterbird Watch

Calvin Brennan completed his spring 2016 Waterbird Watch season on May 20th. He tallied over 189,000 birds of 171 species. The individuals count was a new high count. A report of last year’s results was submitted for publication, and can be found in the fall 2015 issue of The Passenger Pigeon, quarterly journal of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology.

Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II

I have again traveled over 1,500 miles in 2016 giving breeding bird atlas workshops/presentations all around WI with Mike Reese, Director of Volunteers for WBBAII. Since fall of 2014, we have given some form of this presentation over 50 times. Current atlas results:

Banding Station

Our spring banding season has gone extremely well. Master Bander Al Sherkow and Vicki Piaskowski are conducting the project with help from Robin Squier, Jana Viel, Lora Loke, Judy Kistler, Corrine Palmer, and Mary Mirasola, with help from while Stephanie Beilke has moved but is still participating on a less frequent basis. Al conducted a training class in spring, which not only trained new staff for the station, but grew the number of qualified participants. Fall banding begins again in late August.

Jana took us into a special summer season gathering data for her PhD research, with Dave Sikorski and some of the above team assisting.

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative

I serve on the Steering Committee of WBCI, and as co-chair of WBCI's Issues Committee. Our work products include the publications linked here: http://www.wisconsinbirds.org/issuespapers.htm.

The Issues Committee meets at the end of this month, with plans to expand our efforts in several key areas, and to continue progress on the Issues Papers.

In other WI Bird Conservation news, we are part of the planning team for the WBCI/Bird City annual meeting, and you can access information at http://www.wisconsinbirds.org/annualmeeting2016.htm