Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory


For those of us at the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, some of the fun may have to be put on pause, but the work definitely will go on. There is simply too much at stake for us not to push through these challenging days. With last year’s major study documenting the loss of 3 billion birds across North America in just the last 50 years, and the dwindling populations of once common Wisconsin birds, the work here that you have helped make possible is more critical than ever.


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The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization organized and existing under the laws of Wisconsin. Our tax ID 82-2924873.

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The Observatory is soliciting partners, sponsors, and donors for several major coordinated research, monitoring, and education projects, including the Motus network, the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II, the Midwest Migration Network, the American Kestrel Partnership, the Waterbird/Waterfowl Survey, Insectivores, Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative/Important Bird Areas, bat monitoring and others. By donating, you show support for the Observatory’s goal of advancing the conservation of birds and bats in Wisconsin and throughout the Western Great Lakes Region.

To donate to the Observatory, use the online form or send a check to this address:

Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory
116 W. Grand Ave., Ste 207
Port Washington, WI 53074