Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory

Headquarters at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

Cutright Bird Club - at Riveredge Nature Center


Bill Mueller, ornithologist and director of the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, will help us understand the decline of Chimney Swifts, Common Nighthawks , Purple Martins and other swallows – all species that feed on insects in flight. Chimney Swifts especially have been the focus of conservationists because they are still fairly common and widespread, and work is being undertaken to slow down or reverse their decline. Learn more about how you can help protect these fascinating birds.

Pre-meeting bird hike at 6 PM. The meeting starts at 7 PM.

The bird club meets the first Tuesday of every month. It brings together those who enjoy observing and learning more about birds and sharing these interests with others. All activities are free & open to the public. Attend a meeting or field trip to become a member and receive the electronic bimonthly newsletter.