Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory

Headquarters at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve


 Thank You

The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory likes to think of our friends and supporters as “investors” in conservation science, and we are enormously grateful for the support they have shown for WGLBBO’s work over the past 14 months.

Most significant for the Observatory’s future was a three-year commitment from Lynde B. Uihlein, who seven years ago played a major role in helping the late Dr. Noel J. Cutright launch the Observatory. The renewal of her financial support comes at a critical time in the Observatory’s maturation process.

Her 2016 gift helped us to guarantee employment for both the fall and spring seasons of 2017 to Calvin Brennan, the highly-experienced and talented ornithologist who has led our Water Bird Watch Project for the last several years. It also provides support for Director William Mueller’s key role in training participants in the second Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas and for Bryan’s work in bolstering the bird banding program at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve.

The Observatory also received a large unrestricted gift from Ron Horn, a longtime member of the Riveredge (now Cutright) Bird Club and a good friend of Noel’s, which will go towards general operating expenses.

The Observatory also is enormously grateful to Atty. Stephen M. Fisher and the Arthur J. Donald Family Foundation for a significant grant that, among other things, will afford Bill and Dr. Bryan Lenz the time to complete a research paper documenting extensive offshore aerial observations of waterfowl conducted in recent years to inform decision-making on potential wind farm locations in Lake Michigan.

WGLBBO also has received a new grant from the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, which had been a significant investor over the Observatory’s first five years, and from the Pieper Power Co. and the Besadny Grant Program of the Natural Resources Foundation (NRF) of Wisconsin.

Our recently-completed annual winter appeal raised a record $10,780 from more than 60 investor friends. While that total represents a welcome 10% of the Observatory’s annual operating budget, it demonstrates the ongoing challenge the board faces in securing not only the regular support of its friends, but also in cultivating larger donors and securing grant support from private foundations as well as state and federal agencies.

From Jan. 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017, individual investors donated more than $30,000 in amounts ranging from $25 to $1,000. Nearly $7,000 of that total was donated by members of the WGLBBO board in a strong demonstration of their personal commitment to the Observatory’s work.

Our thanks to each and every one of them:
Richard and Joan Abdoo
Elizabeth Abert
Richard Albert
Margaret and Mark Amato
Leakhena Au
Marilyn Bontly
Jacquie and Jim Branchford
Mike Brandel
Cheryl and Mark Brickman
Dennis and Jean Casper
Gary Casper and Kim Koziol
Robert Demge
Ann Demorest
Jane Dennis
Jim Ditter
Dennis & Susan Duffy
James and Karen Etter Hale
Millicent Ficken
Zoe Finney
Chris & Jude Ford
Glen Fredlund
Kathleen Gallick
Tim Garvey
Michael and Sara K. Gilman
Christopher and Nancy Gloe
Shawn Graff and Cheryl White
Larry Graham
Joan Grant
Davor Grgic
Charles Hagner
Kent and Sue Hall
Nancy Hansen-Bennett
Bettie Harriman
James and Virginia Helland
R Tod Highsmith and Joan Braune
Sue Holcomb
Robert Holzrichter
Eric Howe and Kristin Wegner
Judith Huf
Nikki Janisin
John & Laurie Johnson
James Johnson
Russell Johnson
Ellen Kellen
Judith Kesser
Marjorie Kieckhefer
Elynor Kimmel
Shirley Klapperich
Joanne and Dan Kline
Terry and Carole Knudsen
Katherine Koch
Kim Kreitinger & Eric Preston
Jill Kunsmann
Victor Larson
Robert Litzau and Annie Salmona
Stuart Malcolm
Joshua Martinez
Cory Masiak
Kris & Karen McKinney
William Mueller and Leah Klapperich
John Munson
Dori Naef
Marlene Nelson
John and Nancy O'Donnell
John Patterson
Kate Redmond
Robert Retko and Kay Wienke
Julia Robson
Joan Rosenberger
George and Dorothy Roth
John and Jennifer Rothstein
Daniel Scheiman
Larry and Marilyn Schlotfeldt
Glenn & Margy Schrubbe
Carl and Barbara Schwartz
William Seybold
Holger and Deanna Sommerfeld
Mark Sorensen
Susan Sprinkmann
Robin Squier
Wendy Stein
David and Sarah Stokes
Jean and Stanley Strelka
Roger and Karen Sundell
Alice Thompson
Darwin Tiede
Marjie Tomter
Joel and Patricia Trick
Tom and Mary Uttech
Barb Wehrle
Kay Wienke
Levi Wood
Thomas Wood
Barbara and Marvin Wooten
Allen Young
Caryl Zaar
Ric Zarwell
Norma Zehner

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