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Midwest Migration Network

Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network

The MLMMN hosted an autumn 2015 workshop at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve (see: http://midwestbirdmonitoring.ning.com/group/mwlandbirdmigration ), and we are preparing for an expanded new workshop, one of three tracks at the State of Stopover Symposium in Milwaukee, WI: https://stopover2016.wordpress.com/

Read more at the above links, and please join us in October!

We recognize the importance of understanding migratory connectivity through a well-coordinated network of observers, researchers, and decision makers.  We are undertaking a strategic planning process to develop a formal network for coordinated landbird migration monitoring.  

For more information or to join this working group, contact Katie Koch ().

For more information on the network's strategic plan, please contact Amber Roth ().

Beginning in January 2014, the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory hired a coordinator to help the working group develop a concise, clear Strategic Action Plan to identify priority migration needs and detail an organized network of monitoring and research capacity that can be mobilized to address these needs, both at regional and local levels. The results of the year-long strategic planning effort are in a document found here.

pdfMidwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network Strategic Action Plan1.5 MB