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Midwest Migration Network

The Midwest Migration Network


Formed in 2014, the mission of the Midwest Migration Network is to coordinate efforts of monitoring stations, research programs, and stakeholders as part of a sustainable network focused on conservation efforts needed to sustain migration of landbirds through the Midwest.

Our Goals:

  • Identify, conserve, and manage stopover sites throughout the Midwest.
  • Understand migratory movements and conserve airspace as habitat.
  • Share information and protocols to address questions at larger scales.

What are the benefits of joining the Midwest Migration Network?

  • Team up with other researchers and banding stations to answer big picture questions
  • Add value to projects by using systematic protocols
  • Share and receive guidance on sample design and other technical issues
  • Share and analyze data from a wide network of contributors through a web-based system
  • Showcase your work and its significance to bird conservation at large

For more information, visit and join the Midwest Migration Network web forum (http://midwestbirdmonitoring.ning.com/group/mwlandbirdmigration), or contact our coordinator,

Dr. Amber Roth ().