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Spring 2017 Banding News

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After Second-year male Scarlet Tanager; Photo by Lora Loke

Al Sherkow and his team had a very good WGLBBO banding day on Wednesday, May 10th. Jana, Lora, Dave and Al banded 97 birds of 29 species; including 8 warbler species! Highlights include a ASY/M (ASY/M is the bander's code for "after second year/male") Scarlet Tanager, a Red-headed Woodpecker, and an Eastern Meadowlark.

Hermit Thrush            3
Wood Thrush              1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    18
Brown-headed cowbird     2
Red-winged blackbird     3
Eastern Meadowlark       1
Scarlet Tanager          1
Red headed Woodpecker    1
Hairy Woodpecker         1
Gray Catbird             2
Brown Thrasher           1
White-throated Sparrow  15
Swamp Sparrow           10
Savanna Sparrow          1
Song Sparrow             2
Clay-colored Sparrow     3
Orange-crowned Warbler   1
Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler           3
Palm Warbler (Western)    2
Black and white Warbler  4
American Redstart        1
Northern Waterthrush     1
Common Yellowthroat      3
Ovenbird                 5
American Goldfinch       5
American Robin           1
House Wren               1
Black capped Chickadee   4
Blue headed Vireo        1

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