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ALERT: Purple Martin Colony

ALERT: If you have a Purple Martin colony, you will probably have birds arriving soon (or they may already have arrived). Birds arriving this weekend or in the next few days will need extra assistance, and supplemental feeding, to survive. You can "train" your birds to catch mealworms, crickets, or scrambled eggs tossed in the air. Additional tips: make sure compartments have nesting material. Some martin landlords place handwarmers in compartments, or if near a power source, a switched-on light bulb. Many martins if not given assistance will perish in the coming days. If you have friends or colleagues who have martins but who are not connected via FB or a listserv, please forward this information. Notifying people is important to stem the loss of the heart of their breeding colonies or loss from portions in Wisconsin since martins are dependent on human-made housing for their survival. You can contact regional Purple Martin experts Les Rhines (920-889-0060)or Dick Nikolai (920-734-0828) for further info on how to at least control some of the losses that may occur.

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Some mortality is inevitable - but there ARE things you can do.