Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

American Kestrel Partnership Project 2019 Update

American kestrel02

American Kestrel by Joel Trick

We work with The Peregrine Fund on its nation-wide American Kestrel Partnership, and WGLBBO is the “Wisconsin node” for partner activities and data management.

This winter, we will be working with Dr. Neal O’Reilly of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Conservation and Environmental Science program, and a group of his students, to develop a Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) with the kestrel nestbox data from our WI partners, incorporating landcover data and the variables within this growing dataset (approaching 200 nestboxes).

William Mueller recently met with Bill Stout, a well-known local researcher who has worked on Cooper’s Hawks for many years. Bill will connect with our project in several ways: (a) banding young kestrels, and contributing samples to the AKP Genoscape Project; and (b) managing/monitoring additional nestboxes with a group of new participants near his location.