Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Headquarters at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve



If you are interested in monitoring existing American Kestrel nest boxes this spring, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

What is needed: pick a nestbox in Ozaukee or Milwaukee County (we can provide a list), and park or sit not far away from the box (about 50 yards is a good distance - you don't want to get too close) and observe the box for about 20-30 minutes with binoculars. A form on which to record data will be provided to you. If you sign up to monitor a box (or you could trade off with another person), please do so *once each week until young are fledged (if box is occupied*). If other species take up residence in a box, we'd like to know that too.

Questions? Or for list and forms: E-mail Bill Mueller at