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New Wisconsin Field Guide to Appear in November

Wisconsin birders will soon have a new field guide to help them find and identify birds in the Badger State.

The American Birding Association and Scott & Nix, Inc., have announced the publication of the American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Wisconsin, the latest volume in their popular series of state field guides.

The author is former BirdWatching editor-in-chief and Wisconsin resident and birder Chuck Hagner. 

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Hagner is the board chair of the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, the state director of Bird City Wisconsin, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative. He was the editor of nationally distributed BirdWatching magazine from 2001 to 2017 and worked as a writer and editor at Time-Life Books for years before that.

His new Wisconsin guide is based on the most recent official checklist of Wisconsin’s birds published by the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, and it incorporates not only the latest sightings submitted to eBird but also the results of the just-completed second statewide Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas.

All 262 of the state’s regularly occurring species and dozens of carefully chosen casual and rare species -- including the Kirtland’s Warbler and Whooping Crane -- are shown in more than 470 large color photos.

Most of the pictures were provided by well-known professional bird and nature photographer Brian E. Small.

Small’s beautiful work has been featured in hundreds of books, magazines, calendars, websites, newspapers, and smartphone apps and appears in every issue of BirdWatching. For 15 years, he served as the photo editor at Birding magazine.

“Our goal was to make an up-to-date, authoritative, helpful field guide that you don’t need to be an expert to understand,” Hagner says. “We want birdwatchers of all skill levels to know when and where to see Wisconsin’s birds and how to identify them.”

A detailed state map and a complete state checklist are also included, along with an index and a handy quick-look-up index.

The American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Wisconsin will appear in bookstores statewide in November 2019, and it is available for purchase now via Amazon and other online retailers.

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For more information:

TITLE: American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Wisconsin

SERIES: American Birding Association State Field Guides

ISBN: 978-1-935622-69-7 • price: $24.95 ($32.95 can)

AUTHOR: Charles Hagner


PUBLISHER: Scott & Nix, Inc. (scottandnix.com)

SIZE: 4.5 x 7.25 inches • pages: 368

FORMAT: Flexibound with rounded corners

AVAILABLE: November 2019


  •  479 beautiful color photographs featuring 299 bird species in natural habitats
  •  Clear and concise introduction, identification, habitat, and birdsong text
  •  Tips on when and where to see birds
  •  Organized by type of bird, from waterfowl to finches
  •  Complete state checklist, detailed state map, index, and quick index
  •  Printed on 100% FSC-certified paper from well-managed forests

For review copies and publicity queries, contact George Scott, Scott & Nix, Inc., 150 W. 28th St., Suite 1900, New York, NY 10001, , (212) 627-5909.