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Formed in 2014, the mission of the Midwest Migration Network is to coordinate efforts of monitoring stations, research programs, and stakeholders as part of a sustainable network focused on conservation efforts needed to sustain migration of landbirds through the Midwest. 

Our Goals:

  • Identify, conserve, and manage stopover sites throughout the Midwest.
  • Understand migratory movements and conserve airspace as habitat.
  • Share information and protocols to address questions at larger scales.


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Bird City Wisconsin works hard to implement its mission:
To encourage all communities in Wisconsin to implement sound bird-conservation practices by offering public recognition to those that succeed in (a) enhancing the environment for birds and (b) educating the public about the interactions between birds and people and about the contributions birds make to a healthy community.


Since its creation in 2002, the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative has made remarkable gains for bird conservation, not the least bringing together 180 organizations -- -including WGLBBO -- to work collaboratively toward common goals. Its power is in its partnerships. Observatory Director Bill Mueller is a member of the WBCI Steering Committee. Here are some of WBCI's accomplisments.

Evaluating and Increasing Awareness of Risk to Birds: WBCI has helped the public understand risks to birds and how they can be reduced, including
publication of issue papers on cats, climate change, deer herbivory, window collisions, wind power, birding ethics, pesticides, and lead poisoning.

Important Bird Areas: WBCI launched the Wisconsin Important Bird Areas (IBA) program, that led to establishment of 92 IBAs and a 240-page book, “Important Bird Areas of Wisconsin,” published in 2007.


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OWLT efforts improve the water quality of our lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands, protect and enhance wildlife habitat, and preserve the scenic and open spaces that define our rural landscape. By creating strong conservation relationships they promote public awareness of the benefits of land preservation, and provide opportunities for nature-based recreation, improving the quality of life in our communities.


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The Treasures of Oz is a partnership of organizations and individuals who bring together their efforts and resources to promote environmental awareness, education and stewardship of the natural resources of Ozaukee County. The Treasures of Oz project is a resource for those who live and recreate in Ozaukee County in order to foster awareness of their natural surroundings and to engage them in a meaningful and sustainable way. Our long term goal is to provide a vehicle for continued partnership, growth and collaboration for environmental stewardship in Ozaukee County.


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The Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative is a statewide consortium of organizations dedicated to conserving the monarch butterfly. Their goal is to create and implement a statewide monarch conservation strategy which encompasses habitat creation and enhancement, education and outreach, and research and monitoring.




Wild Ones works to educate the public on ways to expand natural landscaping so that urban yards can provide the habitats and plants that wildlife needs for food, shelter and a place to raise their young.


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Preserve Our Parks is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and promotes parks and open spaces in the Milwaukee area and works to protect the tenets of Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine, which asserts that lakes and rivers are public resources, owned in common by all citizens of the state.

In order to inform the public about parks and open spaces in Southeast Wisconsin, Preserve Our Parks has initiated a project called A Wealth of Nature. The primary component of the project is a website — www.awealthofnature.org — which has a “locate a park” map feature and a blog, The Natural Realm, with stories about places, events and issues related to parks and nearby nature.