Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Bird Banding - Spring 2016

Our banding station, operated by master bander Al Sherkow, Vicki Piaskowski, Stephanie Beilke, and with help from Jana Viel, Robin Squier, Diane Weaver, Marsha Weaver, Corinne Palmer, Judy Kistler, Dave Sikorski, Lora Loke, Mary Mirasola, Marsha Weaver, Ryan Lancour, Dick Noccolai, Marty Pfeifer, Maria Terres, Danny Pirtile, Alicia Schultz, and Mickey O'Conner have completed spring 2016 season. More than 400 volunteer hours have been put into this growing effort. The fall 2016 banding season begins in late August. Contact us for more information.