Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Schuchardt Farms Wildlife Assessment and Field Survey

In July 2011, the Observatory was contracted to perform a wildlife assessment and field survey of the Schuchardt Farms property in the City of Sheboygan as part of a Conservation Plan being prepared for this 205-acre property.  Observatory biologists Bill Mueller and Seth Cutright performed four wildlife surveys in August.  Important wildlife habitats identified were mature deciduous forest, old fields, shrub-dominated thickets, and an old, oxbow wetland with several plant communities.

Buckeye        Ruby Meadowhawk      Indigo Bunting
Buckeye                                          Red Darner                                  Indigo Bunting

Habitat connectivity was identified as being important to the site’s wildlife as the property is developed, managed, and restored.  Control of invasive plant species also was identified as being important to preserve the integrity of the natural plant communities.

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