Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory

Waterbird Watch - Fall 2014

P1010953 smCalvin Brennan has done an excellent job on the Observatory’s Waterbird Watch at Harrington Beach State Park, with >159,000 individuals of ~174 species tallied between Sept. 1st and November 21st. Highlights included massive flights of Red-breasted Mergansers and Double-crested Cormorants, a total of 37 species of waterfowl; plus 1,261 Common Loons; 1,155 Horned Grebes; 10 Parasitic Jaegers; and more than 125 species of landbirds.  Thanks to Calvin for his excellent work. He is currently back home in Michigan, but we expect him to return for another season, starting in early March 2015.

Below is a table of the top twenty species that were identified by Calvin this fall.

Top Twenty Species Counted at WGLBBO Waterbird Watch – Fall 2014

Species Number Counted
Red-breasted Merganser  85,996
Double-crested Cormorant  23,630
Canada Goose    9,458
Ring-billed Gull    9,358
Greater Scaup    5,293
Herring Gull    3,689
Mallard    2,358
Lesser Scaup    1,606
Common Loon    1,261
Horned Grebe    1,155
Barn Swallow    1,098
Bufflehead    1,043
Yellow-rumped Warbler       991
Common Goldeneye       937
Ruddy Duck       894
Bonaparte’s Gull       821
Blue-winged Teal       807
Tundra Swan       756
Tree Swallow       743
Green-winged Teal       646