Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory

Headquarters at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

Waterbird Watch

Spring 2017 Waterbird Watch Report

At the conclusion of the spring Waterbird Watch in May, the tally stands at 175 total species, 71 waterbird species

The overall number is similar to last year, but the breakdown was different. Most divers, except Red-breasted Merganser, were less numerous. The Double-crested Cormorant total is only about half of last year's. Bonaparte's Gull and Common Tern numbers are a bit higher.

Overall highlights include Harlequin Ducks, one - possibly two - Neotropic Cormorants, a Virginia Rail that flew in off the lake, Whimbrels, Marbled Godwit, Franklin's Gull and California Gull. The California Gull is extremely rare, and this one may have been the second observation ever in Ozaukee County.