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Waterbird Watch

Fall 2017 Waterbird Watch Update

The Waterbird Watch got started with a bang the first week of September with sightings of both a Parasitic Jaeger and a Neotropic Cormorant. Neotropic Cormorants are seldom seen beyond their northernmost range of Texas and, occasionally, the Great Plains. More recently, WGLBBO technician Calvin Brennan spotted an Arctic Tern, another bird seldom seen in this area.

A cool fact: "In Mexico, Neotropic Cormorants reportedly often fish cooperatively, forming a line across swift-flowing streams and striking the surface with their wings, causing fish to flee, whereupon the cormorants dive and pursue them." www.allaboutbirds.org

Calvin will continue conducting daily counts at the watch site at Harrington Beach State Park through December 5. A wonderful new development for this fall was the construction of a permanent blind for the Watch, which was installed by the Harrington Beach State Park staff. This brings our operation to yet another milestone.

Please visit Calvin at the WGLBBO blind just south of the rocky point on the shoreline (south of the main beach). He will be there this fall for six hours per day, Monday through Saturday, starting at dawn.

Final results of the 2017 fall Waterbird Watch will be shared in our January/February newsletter, as well as why unusual migrants are putting in a more frequent appearance in our area.